How to Apply for South Africa eVisa as a Ghana Citizen


South Africa is a vibrant, diverse country that attracts visitors from all over the world with its stunning landscapes, rich culture and turbulent history. As a Ghana citizen, you can now easily apply online for a South Africa electronic visa (eVisa) to visit this fascinating destination for tourism or business purposes.


Overview of South Africa eVisa

An eVisa is an official travel authorization document issued electronically by the government of a country to citizens of eligible countries. The South African government introduced the eVisa system in 2022 to modernize and simplify the visa application process.

The South Africa online visa application takes just 15 minutes to complete. It eliminates the need to visit embassies and consulates in person to submit visa applications. Once approved, the barcode-linked eVisa will be sent to the applicant via email.

Key Benefits of South Africa eVisa

Here are some of the major benefits of applying online for the South African electronic visa:

  • Convenient – 100% online process that can be completed from anywhere
  • Quick – Get approved within days
  • Secure – Protects personal information with SSL encryption
  • Multiple entries – Permit allows multiple entries into South Africa
  • Paperless – Digital document so no stamps needed in passport
  • Cost-effective – Lower visa fees compared to regular sticker visas

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Eligible Nationalities

Initially in 2022, only the nationals of Kenya, China, India and Nigeria could apply for the South Africa eVisa. Over time, the eligibility expanded to include passport holders from the following countries:

  • Cameroon
  • Congo
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Iran
  • Mexico
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Uganda

And most recently in September 2023, Ghana was added to this list by the South African government. So citizens of Ghana can now conveniently apply online for short term visas instead of having to visit the High Commission office in Accra in person.

Eligibility Criteria for Citizens of Ghana

To qualify for the South Africa electronic visa, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Nationality – You must be a citizen of Ghana with a valid Ghanaian passport
  • Passport Validity – Your passport must have a minimum validity of 6 more months starting from the date you enter South Africa
  • Purpose – You must be visiting South Africa for tourism or business purposes only
  • Stay Duration – Your cumulative stay should not exceed 90 days per entry

In addition, you must also have all the required supporting documents to submit along with your eVisa application for South Africa.

Required Documents for South Africa eVisa Application

When you apply online for the travel authorization to South Africa, make sure you have soft copies of these documents ready to upload:

1. Passport Bio Page

This refers to the page in your biometric Ghana passport that contains your photograph and other personal details like name, date of birth etc. Your eVisa for South Africa will be electronically linked to the passport you provide here.

2. Proof of Sufficient Funds

To establish that you have sufficient funds to cover expenses for the duration of your stay in South Africa, you can submit recent 3 months bank statements, fixed deposit receipts, or other financial documents.

3. Travel Itinerary

Your complete travel itinerary serves to provide convincing evidence to visa authorities that you are genuinely visiting South Africa as a tourist or businessperson. Make sure to include planned accommodation bookings and daily activities.

4. Onward/Return Ticket

This refers to your flight ticket showing your intended departure from South Africa before the expiry of your eVisa. It establishes that you do not plan on overstaying or immigrating illegally in the country after your trip.

5. Yellow Fever Certificate

If you have visited or traveled from an endemic Yellow Fever country like Nigeria or Uganda recently, you must carry the Yellow Fever vaccination certificate attested by relevant authorities.

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for South Africa eVisa

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to apply successfully for electronic visa for your trip to South Africa:

Step 1: Access Online Visa Application Form

Visit the official and start the easy application by clicking ‘Apply’. The online form will open up.

Step 2: Fill the South Africa Visa Application Form

Next, you need to fill the application form for South Africa eVisa by entering the requested personal, passport and travel details accurately. Cross check each filled detail for any inadvertent errors before proceeding further.

Step 3: Upload Supporting Documents

Once you complete entering the data, the system will prompt you to upload scanned or photographed copies of supporting documents like those mentioned earlier in JPEG/PDF formats sized below 2 MB each.

Step 4: Choose Correct Processing Time

Now choose from three processing options based on how urgently you need the electronic visa approval:

  • Standard – Get eVisa in 26 days for a fee of USD $58.49
  • Rush – Get eVisa in 23 days for a USD $86.99
  • Super Rush – Get eVisa in 20 days for a fee of USD $120.99

The processing time includes required government checks and verifications too. Avoid selecting rush options unless absolutely necessary.

Step 5: Make Online Payment

At this stage, review all details in the South African eVisa application system and make the online payment towards visa fees and processing charges via your debit/credit card or PayPal.

Step 6: Submit the South Africa Visa Application

Double check every information before clicking submit on your visa application for South Africa. You will get an immediate confirmation acknowledging your submission.

Step 7: Track South Africa eVisa Status

You can track the real-time status of your submitted South African eVisa application using the system. It usually goes through these key stages:

  • Received – Application reached authorities
  • In Process – Undergoing checks and verifications
  • Issued – eVisa approved and sent via email
  • Closed – Visa rejected due to errors in form

An approved visa will reach your registered email ID within 20, 23 or 26 days depending on the chosen processing timeline. Just open the attached official PDF document to see your valid eVisa to South Africa.

Entering South Africa with eVisa

Your electronic visa issued online serves as an entry permit linked digitally to your biometric passport data.

  • At the South African port of entry, proceed to the ‘eVisa Access Gates’
  • Present your passport and let the immigration officer scan your fingers
  • The system will instantly validate your identity and visa for entry into South Africa
  • Complete airport formalities and enjoy your trip!

It is recommended to take printouts of your eVisa approval email and letter during travel for additional verification if requested by local authorities.

The eVisa issued to Ghana nationals permits a maximum stay of up to 90 days per entry. You can enter South Africa multiple times within its period of validity stated in the document. However, the cumulative stay across all entries cannot exceed 90 days.


Acquiring a traditional sticker visa through a South African embassy or consulate overseas required extensive paperwork, long processing delays, high costs and personal visits. The new South Africa electronic visa system powered by advanced digital systems delivers convenience and speed to international tourists and business visitors.

Citizens from Ghana can now enjoy a streamlined visa application experience too with eligibility expansion. Just submit the online visa application form remotely from home by providing your valid passport, travel plans, and supporting financial documents.

Track your South Africa eVisa status easily online and get ready to explore the rich natural and cultural wonders across this incredibly beautiful country once approved! Don’t hesitate to contact the visa authorities in case any clarifications are needed on the straightforward process.


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