Kruger National Park vs Serengeti National Park: The Ultimate Safari Destination Comparison Guide year 2024


Deciding between a safari in South Africa’s famous Kruger National Park or Tanzania’s iconic Serengeti National Park is a common dilemma for first-time Africa travelers. Both parks offer incredible wildlife viewing and iconic safari experiences, but they also have key differences when it comes to location, landscape, accessibility, and types of animals seen. This comprehensive guide breaks down everything you need to know when choosing between these two bucket-list safari destinations.



Kruger National Park

  • Location: Northeastern South Africa
  • Size: 7,523 mi2 (19,485 km2) – about the size of Israel
  • Terrain: Diverse landscape of open woodlands, riverine forest, granite kopjes and thorn thickets
  • Accessibility: Easy to self-drive, many lodges and camps
  • Highlights: Big 5 viewing, especially rhinos and elephants; excellent general game viewing year-round; top birding destination with over 500 species

Serengeti National Park

  • Location: Northern Tanzania into southern Kenya
  • Size: 5,700 mi2 (14,763 km2)
  • Terrain: Iconic sweeping savanna plains, dotted with kopjes and riverine woodlands
  • Accessibility: Most visit on organized safaris; need a 4×4 vehicle
  • Highlights: Wildebeest migration; huge lion population; cheetah and abundant predators

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Wildlife Viewing

Both parks offer incredible wildlife diversity, but there are some key differences in the animals found in each ecosystem:

Kruger National Park

  • Renowned for frequent Big 5 sightings – lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo
  • Best place to see rhino of the two parks
  • Large populations of antelope like kudu, nyala and bushbuck
  • Over 500 bird species including kingfishers, rollers, raptors and waterfowl
  • Lower density of predators like wild dogs and cheetah

Serengeti National Park

  • Huge migratory herds – wildebeest, zebra, Thompson’s gazelle
  • World’s largest population of lions – many large prides sighted
  • More open terrain better for viewing cheetah hunts
  • Also over 500 bird species like secretary birds, lovebirds and coucals

Landscapes and Terrain

The landscape and terrain of the parks also differ quite a bit:

Kruger National Park

  • Diverse habitats: granite kopjes, wooded savannas, lush riverine forest
  • Lush and green during wet season; dry yellow grasses in winter
  • Mountainous areas in west; undulating hills in eastern region

Serengeti National Park

  • Iconic flat grassland savannas, dotted only with acacia trees
  • Sweeping plains make it appear endless – true African landscape
  • Granite kopje outcrops provide elevation and habitat variation

Landscape and Wildlife Relationships

These habitat differences impact the wildlife viewing opportunities:

  • Kruger’s thicker bush and forests suit leopards, buffalo, bushbuck and other cover-loving species
  • The Serengeti’s wide open plains provide prime habitat for migratory herds and lion hunts

Accessibility and Activities

The ease of access and available activities also differ considerably:

Kruger National Park

  • Easy to self-drive; good infrastructure with many gates, roads, and signage
  • Wide range of camping and lodging from budget to luxury
  • Park roads get crowded during sightings; private reserves are more exclusive
  • Night drives and bush walks restricted in the main park area

Serengeti National Park

  • Vast size and limited infrastructure make hiring a guide essential
  • Most visitors access via customized safari packages and fly-in camps
  • Exclusive concessions in central Serengeti offer night drives and walking safaris
  • Balloon safaris provide a stunning aerial perspective


The Kruger area generally has more budget-friendly options than the more remote Serengeti. However, luxury accommodation is available in both destinations.

Best Time to Visit

Kruger National Park

The best time to visit Kruger is during the drier winter months from May to September, when wildlife sightings are reliable at sparse water sources.

June through August is busier with school holidays locally, so May/September are good shoulder season options.

Serengeti National Park

It’s possible to visit Serengeti year-round due to the relatively mild climate. However, the best game viewing is tied to the famous Great Wildebeest Migration which traverses through the park.

The herd’s movements are somewhat unpredictable, but generally they move through Serengeti from December to July. See the wildebeest give birth in February and make the Mara River crossing in July/August.

Combination Itineraries

Given their proximity, it’s easy to visit both Kruger and Victoria Falls on a safari itinerary, typically via flights/transfers through Johannesburg and Livingstone airports.

For those with more time, popular East Africa combinations include:

  • Fly into Kilimanjaro Airport → Serengeti Safari → Zanzibar beach extension
  • Combine Serengeti safari with Ngorongoro Crater and remote parks like Mahale Mountains
  • Add on gorilla trekking in Rwanda or Uganda after a Serengeti visit

Comparison Chart

Here is a helpful comparison chart summarizing the key attributes of Kruger National Park vs Serengeti National Park:

Attribute Kruger National Park Serengeti National Park
Location Northeastern South Africa Northern Tanzania into Kenya
Terrain Diverse landscape with woodlands, granite outcrops Iconic sweeping savanna plains
Size 19,485 km2 14,763 km2
Accessibility Easy to self-drive; good infrastructure Need 4×4 vehicle; limited roads require guides
Cost More budget options available Generally more costly
Best for Big 5 Yes, especially white rhinos Lions and leopards; fewer rhinos
Birdwatching Over 500 species recorded Also over 500 species
Predators Good sightings of lions, spotted hyenas, leopards Huge lion prides; good cheetah viewing
Migration Not on migration route Prime wildebeest migration location
Combination Options Victoria Falls, Cape Town Zanzibar, Ngorongoro, Gorillas


Deciding between Kruger vs Serengeti ultimately comes down to your safari style and priorities – do you want more independence or a guided experience? What is your budget? Do you want the challenge of tracking predators like leopards or witnessing the dramatic yearly wildebeest migration? Hopefully this detailed comparison helps you choose your ideal African adventure!


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