Zambian Man Collapses After Discovering His Wife is His Landlord

A Zambian man collapses after discovering that his wife is the landlord he has been paying rent to for 15 years.

The man who was identified by local news as Martin Stampa have lived with his wife for 15 years of their marriage without realizing that the woman she married is the owner of the house they are living.

The woman who is identified to be lushomo started noticing that the husband is having an external affairs with other women and the man equally admitted to it with the reason that he needed a smart person to talk to.

This got the wife angry and she spilled it that if he was so smart, he would have known that the house they live in belongs to her.She brought out the C of O to the house and the man lost consciousness.

According to report the wife have always been the one taking the rent money to the landlord.
The villagers gathered and poured water on him to help him regain consciousness.

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