Top Cities for Summer Holiday Within Germany

Germany is one of the best places you can go for go for vacation, even though the Germans are known for leaving their country to go find chill in some beach in another country.

There are so many extraordinary places in Germany that you can go for your summer holiday.


We all know that Germany is very very populated, and has 16 states with so many opportunities in it. Germany is one of the best places when it comes to education and vacation.

Germany have produced a lot of great men and have historic cultural heritage, very very rich and for this reason, you should add it to your to go list.

Here I will be giving you the top cities for summer holiday in Germany, dont forget you can go with your friends and family.


The first city you should visit in Germany is definitely its capital, Berlin.

Though Berlin might really look hectic and a busy metropolis but trust me this the best place you and your family can go for good feast and vacations.

Talking about the historic sites like the remains of Wall of Berlin and UNESCO World heritage sites like museums island and it’s galleries and museums.

Just like I said in the title, summer is the best time to visit Berlin because you can explore alot of things this period, starting from open house clubbing, that is you dancing to the sound of music from the house of another, open cinemas etc.

Berlin never sleeps, it is always on 24/7 as different businesss have their own time of doing things.

When it comes to education, like I said before, it is one of the best places you can go for studies, good learning environment, good lecturers and teachers that are always ready to teach.

Their language is very important to them as it is added as a compulsory course in their higher education (University).


The Beautiful city of Hamburg can simply be defined as binance meet Amsterdam, a very cozy city with alot of historic buildings and sites. It can equally be described as city for the rich because if you dont have money you won’t be able to cope in Hamburg.

In Hamburg you have parks at the water sides, you have the old ancient buildings like old churches and city halls. You will also find largest model railway system, historic WW2 bunkers, you will also find the wax museum etc.

All this and more are things you will find in Hamburg, it’s just a reach city.


Munich is all about rich lifestyle, you can never see Munich not fresh or not having people with big money in it.

When you hear Munich, the first thing you would think of is the Oktoberfest which takes place between September and October period.

While you wait for the cultural festival to reach you can spend your summer holiday in a good place like Bavaria where you see good recreational areas.

Munich is surrounded by castles and lakes which makes it a good destination for vacation. People come to this see to experience the real nature. Here people come and meet many opportunities.

Also in the things you will find here are the Beer Garden, English Garden, Olympia park and the St.Peter’s church with its excellent view of old building and city.


This city is also or popularly called the cathedral of cologne. People all over the world come to this place to see the beautiful carnivals that are always hosted in this city which always start at the beginning of the year.

Other carnivals that happen in summer are the light carnival with fireworks,  Music in the river, Christopher street day and the test of them.

This beautiful city have Germany’s most beautiful zoo and have other beautiful parks and places for relaxation.

This city is seen as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, even with the love alot of persons have for Munich and Hanburg, people are also willing to come chill big time in this city

We have given you the top cities for summer holiday in Germany. You can also look out for more cities like Frankfurt and others.

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