Top Adventure Places in South Africa

Let’s talk about the adventure places in south Africa of which most of you know them already but let me make it simple for some persons to understand

Africa in general is known for adventure and its land have offered animals a good opportunity. Africa is blessed with a lot adventurous places where you can possibly go for sightseeing and hiking.

Today we are taking our Journey to one of the most beautiful cities in Africa, we are going to the southern part of Africa (South Africa).

This country is still blessed with wild animals whom are actually friendly to the people because of the good treatment they get here in Africa.

Africa still stands as one of the countries with good knowledge about animal protection. Which is very nice.

Without much waste of time let me take you straight to the top adventure places in south Africa.

Wild Coast (Adventure Places in south Africa)

We are starting this list by going direct to the eastern part of Cape town in south Africa. Here is where you get to watch the giant whale do their display and you will have alot of fun. Plus the places where you can chill and eat good food.

Aside this, Wild coast is surrounded by Mtamvuna River in the north and the Great Kei River to the south, actually it’s in between.

It equally have stunning coastlines,  verdant Cliffs and some beaches lie Coffe Bay. This sweet and breath taking place is a home for yellow trees and sneeze woods, it also have over 150 coastal and in land birds species.

We all know how important Nelson Mandela is in south Africa and Africans, this great place is seen as the birth place of Mandela.

The wild coast give you this view that you wouldn’t want to let go, it gives you a good reason not to leave the country or the city.

There are alot of adventures you can’t afford to miss in this place like the whale jumps, mountain biking, cliff jumping, sailboat and canoeing.

All this are things you can do in this area let’s not forget there have parks where you can go for relaxation for both you and your family.

The best time to go to this sweet area is around May/ August then another time is from September/a October.

Krueger National Park (South Africa Game Reserve)

Another top adventure place south Africa is their game reserve centre where you get to see all kind of animals.

This is the most beautiful and most popular and treasured game reserve of south Africa. In as much as it is not the biggest, but it is the second largest game reserve and one thing I will tell you today is that it is the most visited.

The African Big 5s are all found in this place, talking about Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard  Rhinos. This is already enough for your sightseeing and enjoyment.

Krueger National park has alot of adventure, aside the already mentioned one, it is nice to note some other places and things you can possibly do there.

It has a vast wilderness and for the picture freaks, there are mountains where you can go and have as many pictures as you like.

Gaming and Safari are all things you will do in this beautiful park for fun and entertainment. But out of all this, from experience, the most beautiful thing we get to see there is the showcasing of animals through webcams and telecast, very interesting to watch and see how beautiful there are.

Mountain Biking, self driven Safari and elephant safari are all things we consider as adventure in south Africa.

Thinking of the best time to actually go to this place, well all year round, the place is always ready to welcome visitors bit if your going to see some wildlife hike, you should be there from may till September. Open only from 6am till 5:30 PM everyday.

Table Mountain National Park

We all must agree right now that most of the sweet places in south African are all situated in Cape town, south Africa.

It will equally not be nice if we talk about the whole of adventures in south Africa without mentioning this beautiful park. Moving from the north edge of Cape town, the table mountain with its myriad views is always ready to welcome all visitors from all areas of the world.

You can’t talk about this park without talking about the breath taking views. It will be nice to note that this is a hotspot for tourists who are going for adventure in south Africa.

The signature table mountain stands at the centre of the national park and can only be reached by treaking, bicycling, cable ride etc.

As you move round the mountain, you get to see beautiful places and beautiful wildlife inside the mountains which is covered with good trees and shades for relaxation.

This mountain is a charm to any kind of tourist, and you can never get tired of what you see there everyday.

Scuba diving,  horse riding, mountain hiking, paragliding and windsurfing are all the kinds of adventure you will find in that place.

Let’s not forget that the hest time visit this great place is late January end till April. And open from 6am till 5pm.

Golden Gate Highland National park

One thing I should say here is that this area is definitely one of the best adventure places in south Africa

Looking for the best place to trek and so few days camping, this place is the best. This is considered as one of the most beautiful places you can visit in south Africa. No much noise but filler with sweet wildlife and from staying and trekking rounding to deciding to camp there over night, this is how people find this area so interesting.

It will be important to note that people that have brave heart can go to this place because there are cave hiking and bicycle hiking, this place looks like a desert but not completely but very beautiful with good sightseeing.

In my own opinion  I thing you should try it but make sure you come back to your base that same day, I won’t advice anybody to sleep over in a place where wildlife are kept.

This just but the little of the things you can find in south Africa. You can also find other adventure places in south Africa but for now, gonfor this ones


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