Squid Game Star Indicted for Sexual Misconduct

Squid Game star indicted for Sexual misconduct in Korea for purportedly touching a woman inappropriately. It was alleged that the Squid Game star and Golden Globe winner, O Yeong-su touched the woman inappropriately multiple times.

The unnamed woman filed a complaint against the 78-year-old actor last December, according to local news outlet JTBC saying, “he touched me several times without my consent”.

While the details of the instances are unclear, Yeong-su asserts that he held the woman’s hand just once while escorting her around a lake. He apologized for doing so but insists it does not imply that he has admitted to the allegations.

The alleged victim filed a complaint last year, but police made the decision not to move forward with the case a few months later however the alleged victim objected, and the case was reopened.

Prosecutors believe there were several instances where the actor had significant physical contact with the woman, but details are yet to be released.

Fans of the Netflix hit show will remember the actor as Oh Il-Nam, better known as player 001. He seemed to be the lucky contestant in the deadly competition in the movie.

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