Saudi Arabia Waives a Crucial Law For Ronaldo

Saudi Arabia waives a crucial law for Ronaldo who’s set to set to live there with his family after he signed to a Saudi club, Al-Nassr.

The law in Saudi Arabia prohibits cohabitation without a marriage contract. Ordinarily Ronaldo will be breaking this law by living with his partner Rodriguez and should be punished for it, however, the law seemed to have been waived by the Saudi government.

SPORT’s report states that according to EFE – a Spanish news agency- due to Ronaldo’s status as one of the most marketable athlete in the world, the Portuguese star is unlikely to be unpunished.

Quoting two separate Saudi lawyers, the legal professional expect the relevant authorities to not become involved in Ronaldo’s situation.

One said: ‘Although the law still prohibit cohabitation without a marriage contract, the authorities have begun to turn a blind eye and do not prosecute anyone. Of course these laws are used when there’s a problem or a crime.’

Recall that Ronaldo joined Al-Nassr last month after his contract with Manchester United was terminated and he is reportedly set to earn a yearly salary of £175m.

Since Ronaldo joined Al-Nassr, the club’s instagram followers has increased from 860k to 10.2m. And DSTV has reportedly included Saudi league in channel 240. The fans can now watch Saudi league on DSTV.

The 37-year-old Portuguese star was unveiled to the fans on Tuesday January 3, in front of 25,000 supporters at Mrsool Park in Riyadh.

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