Rema Plans to Turn Negative Comments to His Favor

Singer Rema plans to turn negative comments to his favor. He made this revelation on how he plans to turn negative comments to his favor in an interview.

In a an interview which Rema shared on his Instagram page, Rema revealed how he plans using negative comments against him to his favour.

He said that most persons said he sounds like Indians or Arabians in his songs. To most persons, it is actually a bad comment but he doesn’t feel it’s a bad comment as he wants to take advantage of that.

He revealed that it is part of his plans to take Afrobeats to other world zones like India and Arab countries generally. He said, he doesn’t only wish to project his music to the English zone but he can do better by projecting his music to other zones like the Indian Zones.

Rema’s “calm down” is currently at number #1 in Indian music chart.


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