Mohbad Was Suicidal Over Label Issues

Singer  Mohbad was suicidal over label issues – Bella Shmurda reveals.

Bella Shmurda has revealed in a recent interview that his friend and colleague, Mohbad was suicidal over label issues. He revealed that Mohbad contemplated suicide while he battled with Marlian Records over his contract issues.

According to Bella, Mohbad attempted to jump out of the window of his house before he was spotted by his girlfriend whose timely intervention prevented the suicide attempt.

Recall that Mohbad had a serious issue with his record label, Marlian Record last year which of course, was one of the major news last year in the music industry.

The news which involved accusation of physical assault, drug abuse, non-remittance of royalties, and ultimately termination of Mohbad’s contract hit the social media last year and happened to be one of the major news in the music industry.



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