Man Cries Out After His Wife Sold His Mansion For #10 Million.

A Nigerian man cries out after his wife sold his mansion for #10 million.

The Nigerian man is seen in a recent video going viral on social media, lamenting on how his wife sold his palatial mansion for ten million naira.

According to the man, he bought only the land for #9.5 million, paid agency fee, paid a lawyer, paid the community, the sum of five hundred thousand naira as a development fee, and have built four flats on it.

The man confirmed that he left the woman to take care of the house but surprisingly for him, the wife sold the house before he came back.

He also wondered why someone with his right senses would agree to buy such a gigantic house for ten million naira.

He also said that, he ensured that everything related to the house was in completion before he left it under his wife’s care.

He pleaded with people to help him make the video to go viral.

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