How to Become a Successful Artist in Nigeria

Following our research on how most Nigerian stars made it into the entertainment industry, we’ve come up with the following guidelines on how to become a successful artist in Nigeria in 2023.

The entertainment industry is filled with a lot of competition as so many young Nigerians are trying to find their space in the industry. Due to the competitive nature of the industry, upcoming artists find it difficult to rise to stardom. This post is meant to tackle most of the issues upcoming artists face and to guide them on how to become successful in the entertainment industry.

How to Become a Succesful Artist in Nigeria

Making it into the entertainment industry is never an easy road, one would have to pass through a lot of hurdles to be successful in this industry. Some of these challenges are the competitive nature of the industry, lack of finance, lack of marketing strategy, lack of sponsors and so many other challenges.

From our research, here are a few ways an upcoming can tackle these challenges:

  1. Talent: It is funny that most people go into music because their friends are into it and not because they have the talent. Some other people go into it because they like music and so many others, for the lifestyle musicians live, not considering whether they have the talent or not. One who wants to go into should ask himself/herself if he or she has the qualification to tour in that part of life considering the competitive nature of the chosen career.
  2. Consistency: every career in life requires patience and consistency. You don’t just plan to go into music and rise to fame the following. You have to remain patient and consistent to prove yourself to the world how good you are at music. So it is advisable you set your mind on a long-term project.
  3. Make Use of Social Media: Ensure that you have an active Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, or even Snapchat account, and maybe, any other social media. Make sure you post your content on these media platforms always and ensure that you tag appropriate persons like Don Jazzy, Tunde Ednut, Mr. Eazi, and so many others. A Nigerian music mogul and the CEO of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy said that he reached out to Ayra Star, Boyspyce, and Bayanni himself because of the samples of their work on Instagram. It is therefore advisable that you have a social media account and ensure you keep it active. It will go a long way to attract the support you need to boost your music career.
  4. Project: Always ensure that you work on a project that people are willing to accept, and as an upcoming artist, you should always consider following the trend because people find it difficult to adapt to unique sounds except if you have a large fanbase or sponsor that would promote the song until people are used to it. You can’t make a difference in a place in which you’re yet to arrive.

These few points will serve as a guide for upcoming music artists in this modern era.



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