Holiday in India, Here are Places to Visit

Holiday in India should be one of the thing you should really consider, this country Carrie’s many of the world population.

The Asian country is bordered by China, Bangladesh, Myanmar,  Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan. This shows how big this country is.

Not to talk of the fact that the country is also close to the shore of Arebian see and Bay of Bengal.

Having over 20 official languages and so many religions are found in this country, so many cultural and variety of cuisine exist around the Indian border.

If you truly want to experience the real nature and culture of India, the best thing to do is to go for a holiday in India. Travel round the states and trust me you won’t regret it.

In as much as I would really love to talk about all of those beautiful places you could go and have fun in inda, I will be giving only but few places you could go, places I feel are the best, others are good too but this places are just good, you can also search for more places if you dont like what we have here.

Places to Go for Holiday in India (Vacation)

1. Amritsar

This place is a centre of attraction of the golden temple which was built in the area. This gold temple was built with gold and have stayed for over 400 years. This temple is the place of worship and mecca for Sikh Religion.

Despite the fact that it is a religious place, you are still allowed to come visit and look around as long as you respect by  covering your head and remove your shoe. You have to follow the Ghanta Ghair which is the entrance to the temple and close to the golden temple is a pool where pilgrims take their bath.

Amritsar is located at the north province of Punjab and always open for people all years.

2. Ladakh

Holiday in India without visiting ladakh is not complete because this place firstly a very large city with low population. Located at the northern most side of India.

The breathtaking scenery in this area is the number one centre of attraction. Secondly, this is where the palace of the 17th century king ladakh is located.

In this city, you can go without staying some days in the city Lah which is located at a very high elevation.

Buddhist culture is very prominent in this area, there are so many Buddhist monasteries where you can visit and pray with them if your a lover of buddah.

Note: there are still so many people in India that have not even seen some part of the country, it will be nice if you could put this in your list too.

If you really want to know the full cultural heritage of  India, you should be ready to travel and see them by yourself and not waiting for anybody.

Let’s not forget that Ladakh is somehow surrounded by hills that you could use for adventure purposes.

3. Goa Beach

This place was formally the colonial headquarter of the Portuguese whom we all know colonised India. This place became a very good place for tourist because of the beautiful beach that is in that area.

This is equally the busiest place and the most popular of all Cadolim beach. This is where travellers from around the world flock to soak the sun.

The Ajuna Beach which people think is crowned is less crowned compared to the kind of crowd you see in this very beach.

It is interesting to know that Goa have many beaches which h are mostly beautiful.

4. Delhi

If you are spending more time in north India, Delhi is one of the best place you should be able to stay. Very beautiful and very popular place in the world.

The Red Fort is made from sandstone, and you will be able to walk through its Lahore Gate, into the bazaar, through the jewel palace and even into the former residence of the sultan.

While in Delhi, you should be able to make out time to visit all the good museums and religious structures that practically made up the city. It is definitely a good place to visit.

5. Allora and Ajanta Cave

This is another place you should really visit because of the kind of beautiful caves you see there.


In the state of Maharashtra, you can explore the both caves of both Ellora and Ajanta. When you go to the cave of Ellora, you will see some shrines that are carved with woods. The 35 cave shrines are up to 1400 years and that have turned it into a tourist area. People now go to that place to see those shrines and take pictures.

This shrines inside the cave of ellora were from the districts of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.

Going down to the 29 caves of Ajata where you will find alot of paintings that clearly portray the buddhism that is practiced in India.

This caves are over thousand years and are still looking very fresh. So whenever you visit Maharashtra, dont fail to visit those caves.

6. Varanasi

Most of the beautiful cities in India are mostly located at the north side of India.

Varanasi is still the longest and oldest living city in the world today and  a place worth visiting, any day any time. Tou get to experience the rich cultural heritage.

Varanasi with the history dating back to 3000 years and have been a good learning centre for years and chief pilgrimage home for Hindus.

Varanasi offer the best sightseeing that you can never see anywhere in the world. That is where you will still find the accient “Temple of City”

Everything about varanasi is all historic and rich. On the other hand the nickname is also Temple of city.. the reason for this is that it has alot of temple in there.

Different kinds of temples are there, so you can never look for a place of worship.

This are just the little we can talk about on this article.


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