Foods You Should try While in Portugal For Vacation

Going to Portugal  for vacation?  In as much as most persons go to different countries to experience new things and see their adventure places and have alot of fun while it last, one thing you should never try to miss is the cuisines of such country and when it comes to food, of cause you can’t take Portugal out of the picture because yes there are good in making very good food.

Portugal is one of the most beautiful European countries that everybody will love to visit either for vacation or for adventure purposes, but either way it is very important to try out some of the foods in this area.

You do not really need to stress your head on figuring out how your going to know the best food to be eating there because you have not been there before and that’s why in this blog post I’m going to be giving you some little details about some foods and good meals you should really try in when you get to Portugal.

You can still learn how to make some of this foods and well get the ingredients and try it in your house when you get back to your home.

One thing I should let you know right now is, if you dont want to miss while in Portugal, do not try and miss Portuguese traditional food, prepared with simple ingredients that very impeccable with fresh flavours.

Without further waste of time let’s go straight to the program of the day which is foods to try while your in Portugal for vacation.

1. Sardines

This is a Portuguese very popular seafood dishes. This is also called grilled sardines or sardinehas asadas.

This food is always prepared and enjoyed in the summer times. From July the smell of grilled sardines will take over the street of Lisbon for a complete month and people are good at rushing the food.

It is still in this time that Lisbon celebrates their popular festival of St Anthony or Santo Antonio festival, celebrating the Portuguese grilled sardines. This festival is done for two days that is 12th and 13th of June every year.

Historically, the Portuguese depended on the seafood for survival when there well not this developed.

Each person in Portugal consumes atleast 12 pounds of seafood (sardines) every year, calculate it with the number of persons in Portugal and this record bave remained like that for many years.

Sardines in Portugal have equal been turned to a serious business in the country.  The best time to actually eat enough of this sea food is June till August.

2. Cardo Verde

this is an iconic traditional food of the Portuguese soup. Trust me most persons by mere looking at the soup would not want to even go for it but it is called taste and see that the lord is good (lol).

This soup have been very good and historic as long as Portugal is concern. While this soup is mostly enjoyed in the winter but you can enjoy it all round the year, not minding if the weather is cold or hot.

Now let me give you a little description of the food itself, the soup is green in color and made with dark green cabbage but you can hardly find anywhere, that means this particular cabbage is found only in Portugal.

Also added to the soup is kale, potato puree, slice of chourico sausage and a local Portuguese olive oil. If you want to Make this food at home, you should get all those ingredients inhave just mentioned here and make it with good guide and help from YouTube.

3. Bifanas

This is the popular and nationwide recognized sandwich. To make it very clear, it is a historic and widely eaten Portuguese pork sandwich.

This sandwich is so popular that you can find it anywhere in the country, just ask and it will be given and the good part of this is that it is not as expensive as you might think.

Most of the food I mentioned in this post are mostly not expensive and to make or buy, but very delicious to eat.

Bifana cam be served with a bowl of soup and some fries, which can be eaten during dinner or lunch.

As we talk about this sandwich, it is important to note that every eatery have their own recipe for making this marinade and have different taste depending on the person that made the food.

But if you want to cook with original bifana Recipes, you have to get the following ingredients.

  • Vandas Novas

I alot of persons will want to eat it with some other things but be careful of the position because, when combined with some French fries, it is considered as a full meal.

This just another food you should try in Portugal and trust me, you won’t regret enjoying  it.

4. Chicken Piri Piri

Now, this is one of the most popular Portuguese chicken dish, this is not only popular in this area but also popular in other counties like Nigeria, France etc.

That is why I said from the beginning  that Portugal is not just known for their fast in development but also for being able to make good food. Like I equally said, there are one of the best when it comes to food preparation in the whole of Europe.

During the 13th and 14th centuries,  some traveller from Portugal traveled to Africa and discovered some new species that there have never seen before. This chicken is called peri peri in Africa or the African Devil but ed chicken piri piri in Portugal.

Now the Portuguese have adopted the food and now served with French fries and tomatoes, small lettuce and onions salad and presented as a national dish or food.

In as much as this food is sold in every neighbourhood in the country, but not every eatery that sale and any place where this fish is sold is called churrascarias

At the end of the day i been able to mention atleast 4 of the many. This four is a must eat in Portugal.

Traveling to Portugal for the first time? This are things you should be eating. Your going to Portugal for vacation should not be boring.


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