You’re Lucky It’s Only an Eye I gave You, Cubana Chief Priest Replies the Guy Who Called Him Out.

Socialite, Okechukwu Pascal, Cubana Chief Priest replies the guy who called him out for snubbing him.

A video went viral on social media, on Monday night with a caption, “Na black dey do black”. In the video, a guy was trying to get the attention of the socialite but the socialite walked away in a manner presenting him to have looked down on the guy.

A lot of persons criticized him for that.

However, the socialite has cleared the air by giving reasons why he did that. He wrote on his Instagram status,

“Don’t lose focus, stay committed to your job, you were paid to deliver and arrange seats. Job still undone you left the seats to come up the stage to make videos when sound check is going on when my venue is not yet. I don’t entertain jonzing put your work first you get luck say na only eye I give you”.

He made this statement in response to the guy that called him out.

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