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Conte Reacts to the Fight With Tuchel

Sunday night football: Conte reacts to the fight with Tuchel after the match between Chelsea and Tottenham.

Following the fight between Conte (Tottenham coach) and Tuchel (Chelsea coach) on Sunday night after the match,Conte has reacted.

The first stage of the fight actually started, after Conte celebrated the equalizing goal at the edge of Tuchel’s technical area which Tuchel got his own back by sprinting up the touchline past the opposite after Reece James scored the leading goal.

They clashed again as they shook hand which Tuchel wanted Conte to look in his eye. He therefore, refused to let go of Conte’s hand which sparked a tense confrontation between the two before they both got red card.

Conte who reacted to the fight on his Instagram status wrote,

“Lucky I didn’t see you…

making you trip over would have been well deserved…”

He made this post in reaction to when Tuchel sprinted up the touchline, passing him after Reece James goal.

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