Comedian Nasboi Showers Himself with Praises

Nigerian comedian Nasboi showers himself with praises as he also acknowledges those who helped him to rise to stardom.

The popular Nigerian comedian, Nasboi who started off his comedy debut as “low budget OBO” took out his time to praise himself on his instagram status.

Nasboi is well appreciatehis fans and it is of a general knowledge that he’s one of the most creative comedian in Nigeria. Though he makes comic content, he also ensures that he creates content that will impact the society.

The young comedian who seems to be aware of how good he is took out his time to praise himself. He wrote on his Instagram status,

“Lol. I am writing to myself. I need to make myself feel really good today.
I hear people say I’m super talented buh I act like it’s a mere complement. Yo Nasboi, you indeed very talented.

Amazing acting skills, character representation, educative videos, creative ideas, funny videos and all bro! You’re a gem my nigga”.

He also took out his time to acknowledge people like Davido, Peruzzi, Tunde Ednut, Don Jazzy, 2face and others for helping go this far.

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