Bet on Which Airline Will Cancel the Most Flights

You can now bet on which airline will cancel the most flights instead of the usual betting on games in the NFL or in college football.

An online gambling company, has announced its plan to start a new turkey-day tradition: betting on flight cancellations and delays.

This privately owned gambling company is licensed in the Caribbean island of Curacao and has been in business since 1994. The company typically offers sports betting, casino games, and horse racing and has added Thanksgiving travel woes.

With just over a week till Thanksgiving, the AAA predicts that 4.5 million Americans will fly to their thanksgiving destinations this year, representing a roughly 8% increase in air travel over 2021.

However, the airlines are still faced with challenges ranging from the system trying to fast ramp back up to pre-covid travel levels. There’s also a staffing shortfall at airports and airlines, and there have even been airline scarcity due to supply chain issues at Boeing and Airbus.

These challenges inspired BetUS to create a brand-new betting category that allows bettors to bet on which airline will cancel the most flights during Thanksgiving week.

Visit the official website for guidelines on how to bet on the airlines and their different odds.


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