Diabolic Kill You There: Apostle Suleiman Reacts to The Claim Against Him

Apostle Suleiman reacts to the claim that he is diabolic.

The Claim Against Apostle Suleiman

A recent allegation was leveled against pastor Suleiman. The claims against the pastor was made on a popular social media blog called, ‘Gistlover’. The allegation which claims that pastor Suleiman is diabolic revealed a lot of purported diabolic act done by the pastor. The allegation talked about how the pastor sleeps around with Nollywood actresses in exchange for money.

The allegation against the pastor on ‘Gistlover’ page on most social media platforms are convincing due to how detailed the story is.

For the full gist, read the screenshot below:

Apostle Suleiman Reacts to The Claim Against Him

Apostle Suleiman reacts to the claim against him in a recent video going viral online.
In the video, he claimed to have been busy with crusade however, he heard they were dragging him on social media that he’s diabolic which in reaction, he said, “diabolic kill you there”.

He bragged that no one can drag him and also threatened to put an end to the blog.
According to him, “you want to drag a generator, na me be dragging. If you stop, you no serious. We’ll continue, we go craze the craze. I am the one that will disappear that blog”.

He also voiced his anger on those who went to the social media pages of his purported victims to insult them saying that whatever they typed on those pages will backfire on them.  In same vein, he urged people not to speak for Nigerians that Nigerians are their own problems.

He also claimed that he cannot deny those who come to his church (his children) for any reason not even because of any write up against him and the members of his church.

In the video, he challenged the person behind Gistlover to come out from his/her hideout so they’ll do it man to man and put an end to the keypad fight. He made it known that social media is just 5% of reality.

He also made it known that he won’t let anybody bring him down that anybody that wants to bring him down should go and meet God because it is only God that can bring him down. In similar way, he encouraged people not to let anybody intimidate them.

He added that he’s aware that some people won’t be happy that he spoke on the issue but being mute is what gives one power to talk nonsense about another.



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