5 Adventure Places to go in Paris (France)

Paris is one of the best places you should consider visiting when it comes to adventure. For those that love everything about adventure, you would definitely agree with me that Paris is one of the most adventurous places in the world today.


Today I want to give you a little clue on where to travel to if you are an adventurous person. You love going to see things that people don’t see.

This places are verified safe and healthy for anyone as it have nothing that could bring fear to any body.

Here are the adventure places in Paris;

1.  Disney Land

I’m very sure most you all growing up l grew up with Disney channel and everything they do there are mostly cartoons that shows how beautiful Disney land is.

No child will not like to go to Disney land park in Paris to actually see how it is, the sweet part of the whole adventure is that you will still see those things that you see on movies aside the characters in the movie.

This is where children come to enjoy and adult come to become children again as it is filled with alot of fun and things you have never seen before.

The times for this Disney opens by 8am whem you will love to see magics, that’s why it is called magic hours. The magic hour ends by 9:30am and the official Walt Disney Studios starts their shooting which is transmitted live from 10 am till 7pm in the evening.

The opening of every thing in Disney vary depending on the season you are touring the great Disneyland.

Aside the fun part of the whole Disney, there are still good restaurants where you get to taste the good cuisines in Paris and equally a relaxation centre for you and your family.

So if your planning and adventure trip, Disney land Paris should be included in the discussion.


2. Aquaboulevard

Aquaboulevard is a one of the largest water parks you can get in Paris or France. For those that have special love for swimming and water diving, this is the best you could get anywhere.

It has a very large space for your touring with several swimming pools, Slides and wake board simulators.

One good thing about this park is that it is an indoor water park with ample amount of hydro slide, Hot tubes and large pool.

Out of the park is a lawn where people usually relax during summer and during the winter time, every body switch to the winner beauty of this park.

Aquaboulevard is one the best adventurous places in city of Paris, not only for the big pool but also you can find a very good movie theater there and w good restaurants where you can get both food and stores for snacks.

The usual time for their opening is always 7am in the morning and ending by 11pm in the night so you have enough time to actually enjoy your self without any disturbance.

Add this to your list and trust me you won’t regret it.

3. Vineyard

I know alot of you like wines like who doesn’t like wine. We all know that France or would I say Paris is one of the best producers of red wines while whisky is actually left for the Scottish.

You dont really have to go to Boardeaux to go have a test of a wine in France, you can just move down to vineyard where the wine itself is produced with their plants used everywhere.

Ome funny thing about this place is that it is not been visited everytime, it has a certain time of the year and at this time you can taste any wine you wish to taste but on random days you can stroll and have good and beautiful views.

This one place you would really love to go as it is located at the city of Paris, not a hidden place though.

4. Paris Plege (Paris Beach)

If there is one thing people would love not to miss when they travel is going to the beach and yeah Paris have a beach called plege and it still one of the best beach in the world today. Here you meet people that you don’t know.

Going to beach is sometimes not regarded as an adventure but it is, not just an adventure but one.of the best adventure you can hop in. Ever ran through the ocean with your skateboard and jump over the force coming water? That is the fun and part of the whole journey. See the water rush over your face. You and your family can use this as a time for family union.

5.  Vallon-Pont-d’Arc

Though this might be a bit off Paris which is our main focus but right now I have to add it because it is not in Paris but in France.

Balloon Pont-d’arc is located in a village in southern France (ardeche department). Vallon-Pont-d’Arc is seen at the capital of cuturial tourism and prehistoric.

This village witness more than 10 times of their population in their village every summer and one of the most quiet places in France when it comes to winter.

The history behind this cave is very long that I can’t even finish it up on this post but what I’m trying to say is that this is a pure definition of what adventure really is.

The oldest square in the world is found in that very place, this place have the most of the world wonders and very safe to visit.

Aside the tourism, this village is the most peaceful area in France today. So while making your list on the places to visit in France or Paris, Here is a perfect exam of where.

Trust me, if you go to the 5 places I have mentioned in this post, you would always want to go back.

It equally have good restaurants with good foods that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Dont forget to make new friends as the people there are friendly.

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