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30,000 to Move to an Italian Town

Are you willing to receive $30,000 to move to an Italian town? here is your opportunity for you as a beautiful Italian town is willing to pay you $30,000 to move to the place.

The name of the town is Presicce. It is known as the “City of green gold”. It is mainly surrounded by olive groves. Puglia, a southern province known for its water-washed hill towns, rich agriculture, and immaculate Mediterranean shoreline, is where Presicce is located.

This town is willing to pay people $30,000 to get a house and move to the city. The idea behind this is to attract new residents in order to battle decreasing population of the people in the place. This measure has been adopted before in other parts of Italy which experienced a similar situation to combat the decrease in population. Some of these regions are the Ireland of Sardinia (which offered $15,000), the region of Calabria ($33,000), the village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio (promising up to $52,500), and some other places.

Note: You must buy a home and become a resident of Presicce. The home must have been abandoned and it must have been built before 1991. It is intended that the money will be split, part of it will go into buying the home and the other will be used to renovate the home.

The local Presicce councilor, Alfredo Pales in an interview told CNN, There are many empty homes in the historical center built before 1991 which we would like to see alive again with new residents” he also added, “It is a pity witnessing how our old districts full of history, wonderful architecture and art are slowly emptying”.

The current population in Presicce is around 9,000 people.

Dating back to the middle ages, Presicce is known for its well-preserved architecture, lush gardens, narrow alleys, and beautiful art. The town is surrounded by farmland, olive groves, and a rolling landscape lined with bike paths and walking trails.

For more information, and the application process, visit the official website of the Presicce town.


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